About Us

Who is Space City Services?

We are Operations managers, Drivers, Welders, Safety Managers, and Sales Managers. We are visionaries, problem solvers, pacesetters , specialists, and leaders. We are made up of years of experience and knowledge in the trucking industry.

How did we begin?

Well, what happens when you put experienced trucking experts from different industries together in a room? Ideas, solutions, and the beginnings of something great . A company that could complement the existing business and help its customers with one simple call. With a 15 year background in chemical hauling within the oil and gas industry, the owners felt a need to begin a new journey in offering these services within the hazardous and non-hazardous waste industry. These enthusiastic entrepreneurs had a vision to expand an already successful company into another offering that could complement the existing footprint within the oil and gas market as well as expand into the industrial arena. The answer? Space City Services, specializing in hazardous waste containment and transportation. With a team of over 20 years of hazardous waste knowledge and experience , SCS is here to service your waste needs!

Where is SCS?

Space City has strategically positioned itself within minutes of the industrial compound in Houston, TX. With our customers in mind, we placed ourselves within walking distance to a specialty container wash, as well as next to two major landfills. We know that within the logistics business, our actual position can save time , and money.